Students Counseling Centre
1. Dr .D.C. Mathangi, Professor, Physiology
Contact: 9940635874
2. Dr. R. Anatha Ramakrishnan, Professor, General Surgery
Contact: 9094190902
3. Dr. S. Kailash , Asst. Professor, Psychiatry
Contact: 9841227487
4. Dr. C.N. Ramgopal, Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology
Contact: 7299972060
5. Mrs. Stella Suguna Kumari S., Professor, Medical Surgical Nursing, CHRI
Contact: 9884580306


1. Counseling involves identifying and building upon an individual's strengths in order to work through a challenge or difficulty.

2. Anti ragging awareness to be created among the fresh students and the measures to prevent will be taught to them.

3. Counseling often involves gaining new insights into one, but it may also involve learning new strategies and techniques for coping.

4. Counseling is offered in an unconditional, non-judgmental and confidential manner for those students seeking help with Academic and Personal difficulties.

5. Guidance should also be provided to improve academic performance by reviewing study techniques and time management practices. In short, the Centre serves as a channel for Students grievances.

6. Parents can also contact the counselors with regard to any grievances they may have about their wards.

7. Many students find it helpful to seek counseling regarding homesickness, adjustment to college, roommate conflicts, or other relationship difficulties.

8. The Centre should also take responsibility in conducting Personality Development Programmes on Stress Management, Time Management, Communication Skills, Leadership qualities, Yoga & Meditation, Tips may also be given for memory enhancement etc. .

9. Reports on the activities of the Cell should be periodically sent to the Registrar.

1. National Seminar on “What ails the youth – lack of self confidence or
external pressure?” organized by the Institute of Public Enterprise
and Public Administration
2. Personality Development Programme by Ms. Sheela Emaculate of Pinnacle 23.08.2010
3. CME organized by Psychiatry Department on the topic “Suicide” 14.09.2010
4. “Coping with Change & Stress” 29.09.2010
5. Mentor Programme 03.02.2011
6. Manavalakalai Yoga and Meditation Training 31.10.11 to 23.11.11
7. “Coping with Stress on SAcademics” 05.10.2013
8. “How to overcome the examination fear?” 20.01.2014
9. Time Management Techniques 04.06.2014
10. Yoga classes 10. to 12.11.14
11. How to develop a positive attitude 05.03.2015
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