Outreach Committee
1. Dr. G. Murali Mohan Reddy, Associate Professor, Community Medicine
Contact: 9176283238
2. Dr. S. Premalatha, Professor, General Surgery
Contact: 9444391614
3. Dr. R.Ganavi, Assistant Professor, Peadiatrics
Contact: 9600090557
4. Mrs. A. Vinili Simpson, Associate Professor,
Community Health Nursing, CCN
Contact: 9884681645
5. Mrs. Leela P. Murugesan, PRM
Contact: 9841079000

1. Committee’s ultimate aim is to encourage the sustainable use of the health services by the rural communities, and public and private industrial sector organizations including educational establishments, Government agencies and NGOs.

2. The Committee prepares and approves need-based outreach program pertaining to health camp, awareness campaign and training programmes both in and off campus.

3. Will work with the principles of partnerships between and among communities or faith-based organizations in identifying special populations, underserved remote area in health care with aim to eliminate or reduce health disparities, particularly as outlined in mission of this institution Health for all in this region.

4. The Committee is responsible for evaluating interpretation and communicating impact and the feedbacks of the of outreach activities to the Registrar.

5. Conducting Quarterly meeting to finalise the schedule for the outreach programmes

6. Identifying the barriers, problems or issues in outreach programmes throughout region served as per the feedbacks received from the community leaders, NGO’s and government organization and industries.

7. Publicizing existing outreach activities and programs conducted by CHRI to the potential network of members like NGO’s, community leaders and industries under this outreach programmes.

8. The Convener of the Outreach Committee shall preside over meetings of the Committee.

9. The PRO shall keep a record of the Outreach Committee meetings, and record all actions and recommendations of the Outreach Committee.

10. The minutes and the reports of the Outreach Committee meetings shall be periodically sent to the Registrar.

11. Camps conducted, nature of camps, Team of the Camp, Date & venue of the camp, population covered, screened thereon, etc. with relevant photographs to be sent to the Registrar periodically.

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