Compliance Cell for preventing Sexual harassment of Women
1. Dr. Prabha Swaminathan, Associate Prof., OB&G
Contact: 044 4742 8255 / 9884451818
2. Dr. Vijayashree, Professor & Head, Pathology
Contact: 044 4742 8421 / 9841455274
3. Dr. N. Ashok Kumar, Associate Professor, Dermatology
Contact: 044 4742 8102 / 9487410855
4. Dr.Mrs. Veena M. Joseph, Professor/Vice Principal, CCN
Contact: 044 4742 9022 / 9094776000
5. Dr.Koyeli Girigoswami, Asso. Professor, FAHS
Contact : 044 4742 9055 / 9600060358,
6. Mr. M.Parama Sivanantham, Manager (HR)
Contact: 044 4742 1080 / 9841208000,
7. Mrs. R. Vasantha – Guide- NGO Organization
Contact: 9443231193

The Definition of 'Sexual Harassment' Sexual harassment can involve physical, visual, verbal and non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature, which is uninvited and unwelcome.

1. It is the duty of the Cell to prominently display the name of the Convener and the other members of the Cell along with their phone Nos., whom to contact, how to contact, etc.

2. It is the prime duty of the committee to make aware of all students and employees about the “Vishaka Guidelines” issued by UGC, New Delhi.

3. All complaints of sexual harassment shall promptly and thoroughly be investigated.

4. Violations shall be deemed to be serious disciplinary infractions.

5. All complaints of sexual harassment shall be confidential. Only those individuals necessary for the investigation and disposition of the complaint are to be given information.

6. Consult a lawyer, Doctor/ and or Counselor, as the case may be.

7. A student who believes that he / she suffered sexual harassment may report the matter to the concerned constituent college head. However, any teacher who receives from a student a report of alleged sexual harassment shall report the same to constituent college head. Failure by the employee to do so shall subject the employee to disciplinary action.

8. It is the duty of the Committee to conduct workshops / seminars/ guest lectures on gender discrimination, Vishaka Guidelines, etc. 9. Reports on the activities of the Cell should ne periodically sent to the Registrar.

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1. Workshop on “Awareness on Sexual Harassment” 19.08.2014
2. Programme on “Gender Sensitivity and Discrimination against women” 10.04.2015
3. Sensitization on Gender Discrimination 03.03.2016
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